Can You Get Compensation for Being Knocked Off Your Motorbike?

Motorcycle claims can be worth far more than the average car accident claim. This is because claimants are usually hurt worse in these accidents. One does not need to have a full-fledged crash with another vehicle to be eligible for financial compensation. Being knocked off the bike counts as an accident that could lead to payment for injuries.

Motorcyclists are perhaps the most vulnerable people on the road. There is little to stabilize their bike and keep them upright if someone else does something that could impede them or cause them to lose control.

Driver Negligence in Motorcycle Accident Cases

A personal injury claim pays you for any action that someone else takes that causes you harm. In most cases, it does not matter what that action is. For example, drivers could do the following things that could impede a motorcyclist or cause them to lose control of their bike:

  • Make an illegal turn that cuts off the biker
  • Make a lane change without seeing the biker in their blind spot
  • Drive aggressively and tailgate the biker
  • Drive distracted and get too close to the motorcyclist

All of these would be examples of driver actions that could be considered unreasonable under the circumstances. This would meet the negligence test and entitle an injured motorcycle driver to compensation, even if the driver never physically made contact with the biker. As an injured biker, all you need to prove is that someone did something wrong that caused you harm, no matter what it was.

Georgia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

At The McLendon Law Firm in Blakely, we fight for injured motorcyclists as they seek compensation for their injuries, Call us today at 877-ROB-WINS or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.


When can I receive compensation for a motorcycle injury?

You can get a settlement if the other driver was negligent.

How do I get a motorcycle accident settlement?

You can file a claim for compensation with the insurance company.

Should I accept a settlement offer from the insurance company?

It depends on if it fairly compensates you. One can always reject a settlement offer.


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