How Important Are Car Accident Witnesses?

In many car accident cases, it is your word against the other driver’s. If you cannot prove that they were responsible for the accident, you will not be eligible for financial compensation. You need something other than your word to persuade an insurance company or jury that you deserve to be paid for your injuries.

Pictures of the accident scene can only do so much. Pictures tell a story, but they cannot actually testify – that’s the witness’ job. The testimony of an objective third party who can say what they saw will go a long way towards persuading a decisionmaker about what happened to cause the accident. While your own passengers can testify, a third party may be viewed as more objective and credible. They have no financial incentive to tell what they witnessed.

You Need Proof of What Happened

On your own, you may have difficulty remembering what happened. After all, a car accident is a traumatic event, and you may not remember some details vividly. Further, the injuries that you may have suffered in the accident could obscure your memory. Many accident victims are unable to testify on their own behalf when they have an incomplete memory of what happened. Witnesses could help fill in where there are gaps in your memory. If you were unable to get contact information at the scene of the accident, the police accident report may list witnesses, so your attorney can interview them and learn what they know.

Georgia Car Accident Lawyers

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Will the insurance company listen to my witnesses?

They should, especially because the witnesses could eventually testify in court.

How do I get a witness statement?

Your lawyer is experienced in speaking with witnesses and knows the right questions to ask.

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