Common Examples of Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical malpractice cases are among the more complicated types of personal injury claims. Essentially, you are asking a jury to go back in time and decide that what the doctor did was unreasonable under the circumstances. Medical malpractice cases can cover any type of medical treatment (or lack thereof) that resulted in your injury. Here are some examples.

Birth Injuries

Mothers and infants can suffer injuries because the treating doctor made a mistake. A common example is a doctor who does not perform a c-section during delivery, ignoring warning signs to the health of the mother or child. This could cause lasting injury to the mother or birth injuries to the child, such as cerebral palsy.

Failure to Diagnose

Doctors will make mistakes sometimes, and some may fail to spot signs of an illness. This is not always malpractice. If the doctor unreasonably misses important symptoms, this can be malpractice. A common example is the failure to diagnose cancer when there is still time to treat the illness.

Surgical Errors

Doctors could make any one of a number of mistakes during surgery that could injure a patient, including:

  • Failure to properly plan for the procedure
  • Failure to monitor the patient during the surgery
  • Operating on the wrong site
  • Leaving medical equipment inside the patient

Again, the injured patient would need to prove that the error was the result of negligence and that a reasonable doctor of similar experience and training would not have made it.

Premature Discharge

Some doctors may send a patient home because they do not think that their situation is critical when a reasonable doctor would keep the patient in the office or hospital for further treatment. This is a significant breach of the duty of care that could be the basis of a malpractice lawsuit.

Georgia Medical Malpractice Lawyers

If you or a loved one have been injured by a doctor’s mistake, you may be entitled to significant financial compensation. Call the McLendon Law Firm in Blakely, GA at 877-ROB-WINS or contact us online to learn more.

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How are medical malpractice cases decided?

You must prove that the doctor was negligent and caused your injury.

How do you prove medical malpractice?

Your lawyer will work with expert witnesses to establish that the doctor did not follow the standard of care.

How much compensation can I get in my medical malpractice case?

This all depends on the scope and extent of the injuries that you have suffered.

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